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Audit Intern

We’re actively seeking candidates for our internship program, as well as entry-level associate positions. If you’re one of several college campuses near one of our locations, keep an eye open for interview opportunities throughout the school year, or contact us to set up a meeting.

Individuals at this level have taken accounting and audit classes in pursuit of an accounting degree for the purpose of a career in public accounting. Skills Required: Basic knowledge of accounting concepts. Proficient in computer programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Open, honest and professional communication skills. Exhibits professional conduct at client offices and internally. Works as a team member and promotes a cooperative work atmosphere. Job Duties and Responsibilities: Assists or prepares financial statement reports, including client communication documents, for review by the engagement leader. Prepares and assists in completing substantiating work papers in a provided format that is sufficiently detailed for a reviewer to evaluate. Responsible for attest engagement binder set-up in compliance with Accounting and Auditing Manual.


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